Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I rent a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) from Travelox?

A: The first thing we need is a prescription signed by a physician. Your current oxygen provider may have one on file. (Note: The prescription date must be within the last year.) 

After we receive your prescription, we will obtain the rest of your information and send you a rental agreement via fax or email for your signature.

It is preferable to begin this process at least two weeks prior to your departure date.

Q: What needs to be included on the prescription?

A: On the prescription we need your liter flow, how often you use the oxygen (nocturnally, continuously, prn, etc.), and how you receive the oxygen (nasal cannula, CPAP, face mask, etc.). Also, our machine can do continuous or pulse flow; if you need to be on pulse flow, the prescription must say so. (We can provide concentrators that will go up to 3 lpm on continuous flow and up to 9 lpm on pulse flow.) 

Q: When my order is complete how long will it take for me to receive the concentrator?

A: Equipment is typically delivered 2 days prior to departure date. Standard domestic delivery time is 2-4 days on average, depending on your location.

Next day delivery is also available, depending on your location. All documentation, including prescription, must be received by 2:00PM CST in order to process next day deliveries. 

Return shipping is coordinated by Travelox. 

Q: Do you rent for trips going out of the country/overseas?

A: Yes, but we do not ship out of the country. We ship domestically, but you can take the POC with you out of the country and ship back to us when you get back into the country. 

Q: What kind of portable concentrator will I be renting?  

A: We rent different brands of portable concentrators of different sizes that are FAA approved and approved by major airlines. We will help you determine which POC is suitable for your needs. The Philips Respironics SimplyGo is our lightweight option. Although the SeQual Eclipse 3 is not as small and lightweight as some POCs, this concentrator contains high-flow, high-purity oxygen and can do continuous flow up to 3 lpm and pulse flow up to 9 lpm. It can also bleed into CPAP/BiPAP.  The Zeno-lite is for our customers needing a small lightweight option providing up to 5 lpm pulse dose only.

Q: How many batteries do I need?

A: How many batteries you need depends on how long your flight is. Airlines want passengers with oxygen to be equipped with 150% of battery life in case there are layovers or delays. We are here to help you figure this out, but the basic rule is, multiply the flight time by 1.5 to get how many hours of battery life you need.  

Example: If the flight is 4 hours and you are on 2.0 lpm, then 4 hours x 1.5 = 6 hours. Referring to the chart below, you will see that on 2.0 lpm continuous flow, each battery should last approximately 1.5 hours.

(approximate, depending on individual breath rate) 

SeQual Eclipse

Continuous Flow

0.5 lpm 4.0 hours

1.0 lpm 3.0 hours

2.0 lpm 1.5 hours

3.0 lpm 0.75 hours

Pulse Flow

1.0 lpm 5.0 hours

2.0 lpm 4.5 hours

3.0 lpm 4.25 hours

4.0 lpm 3.5 hours

5.0 lpm 3.25 hours

6.0 lpm 3.0 hours

Respironics SimplyGo

Continuous Flow

0.5 lpm 2.5 hours

1.0 lpm 1.75 hours

2.0 lpm 0.5 hours

Pulse Flow

1.0 lpm 3.25 hours

2.0 lpm 3.0 hours

3.0 lpm 2.5 hours

4.0 lpm 2.25 hours

5.0 lpm 1.75 hours

6.0 lpm 1.5 hours

Zen-O lite

Pulse flow

1.0 lpm 3.5 hours

2.0 lpm 3.5 hours

3.0 lpm 2.5 hours

4.0 lpm 1.75 hours

5.0 lpm 1.5 hours

So, when you divide the 6 hours that the airline is requiring by the 1.5 hours that each battery will provide, you will see that you need 4 batteries. The minimum number of batteries we will provide you is 3. If the number of batteries needed comes out to higher than 3, you will need to rent additional batteries. 

Q: How long does a battery take to charge?

A: Charging time for each battery is approximately 5 hours.

Q: Will the batteries arrive fully charged?

A: Yes, the batteries are already fully charged and ready for your trip.

Q: I already have a portable concentrator but need more batteries. Do you rent those?

A: Yes, we can rent batteries separately.

Q: Do you rent stationary oxygen concentrators?

A: Yes, we can also rent a stationary concentrator by the week.

Q: Do you offer liquid oxygen/tanks?

A: No, we only offer portable and stationary oxygen concentrators, not liquid.

Q: Do you also sell oxygen concentrators and supplies?

A: Yes, we offer concentrators and supplies for purchase. Use the Contact form to inquire.